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Dangerous Driving - Case Examples
"Forensic engineering is the application of engineering principles, knowledge, skills, and methodologies to answer questions of fact that may have legal ramifications" Randall K Noon

Below you will find some brief details on cases where a person/s were charged with dangerous driving causing death.
Turbocharger Failure
A turbocharger failed and produced a large volume of smoke across the carriageway, obfuscating any reasonable view. The driver of the affected vehicle tried to stop the engine from racing by removing the keys, but was unsuccessful due to the nature of the defect. Two lorries came through the smoke and both hit the driver standing upon the road.

We were asked to advise on the nature of a turbocharger failure; why the smoke was observed to have changed colour, as evidenced by the parties involved; and what steps could have been taken to deal with the smoke across the carriageway.

Articulated Lorry goes Broadside and Kills Driver in Oncoming Car
We were asked to advise on the probable causes for the lorry going broadside; exactly when it went out of control; where the impact occurred; and to highlight any failings in the prosectution papers.

Alleged Racing Drivers
Two drivers were alleged to have been racing, and to have come over the brow of a hill in such close proximity that the broken glass from a first impact showered the second car.

Both drivers were charged with dangerous driving causing death, and we were asked to examine the proposition of the nearness of the two vehicles, in addition to the general nature of the alleged driving.

Heavily Inebriated Pedestrian
A pedestrian who had consumed sufficient alcohol to render most people unconscious was struck by the Defendant's car during the hours of darkness.

We were asked to advise on the difficulties of driver perception during darkness, together with that of pedestrian conspicuity dependant upon clothing and attitude; to discuss the possibility of the victim having perhaps been struck by an earlier vehicle, or perhaps just have been lying upon the road. In this latter respect an understanding of injury patterns was important.

Aspects of Commonality
While the cases cited here may all have the appearance of different factors, they have one thing in common from the forensic aspect: they all demand an understanding of how to undertake an investigation that leads towards the answers required by the courts and various client representatives.

It is the ability to carry out a structured analysis that is paramount in every case, and to highlight the issues that are salient. Furthermore, a good understanding not only of mechanics and accident mechanisms is necessary, but a reasonable working knowledge of anatomy, injury patterns, and probabilities.

Noon also stated that "skilled forensic engineers are usually excellent engineering generalists". In other words, the skilled forensic engineering practicioner is not a specialist in any one science or discipline, but is capable of using his investigative skills across a broad spectrum of cases and areas.

In Forensic Engineering Solutions, John McGlinchey's broad engineering and forensic background permit him to bring an extensive portfolio of skills to each and every investigation he undertakes. In addition, access to other skills - such as those of crime scene investigation and evaluation, forensic computing, ballistics etc - leave Forensic Engineering Solutions the best single source of technical assistance and knowledge for defence solicitors and barristers in Ireland.

From management of the accident scene, through evidence gathering, to the analysis of the accident mechanics, Forensic Engineering Solutions is probably the only name you'll need.
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