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Provenance is as important to a company, as to an artefact of a crime or accident scene. You can be assured that Forensic Engineering Solutions has a strong pedigree, and our Consultants are available for your enquiries.
Forensic Engineering Solutions has evolved to accommodate in one portal the ever increasing requirements and demands of clients. As forensic examinations of crime scenes, accidents scenes, computers etc has become more extensive, so too has the need for a greater range of experts. Lawyers are often faced with the difficulty of finding numerous experts to deal with diverse parts of a case, and this in itself can present difficulties. Forensic Engineering Solutions exists to narrow the fileds that a lawyer must explore to find the right consultant. While we can draw on a wide range of skills directly from our consultants, we have extensive contacts for those areas that are more esoteric.

Our experts are drawn from diverse areas of industry, but all are field-seasoned and competent in the area of forensic analysis. Providing advices in the following areas: accident investigation; firearms investigations; construction defects; crime scene investigations and analysis; scientific evaluation and scrutiny of evidence; heating, plumbing and building defects, we are here to deal with your enquiry and help you move towards resolution.

Forensic Engineering Solutions also enjoys the benefit of practical technical support, which leaves us in an enviable position to fully evaluate a case.
  Dangerous Driving
An investigation by Forensic Engineering Solutions will carefully examine the facts and the integrity of the prosection case, and will empower you to conduct...
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  Fire Investigations
Fires can have many origins, some are accidental, some are negligent, and some are deliberate. The fire investigator may be asked many questions, including determining the seat of the fire...
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