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Motorcyclist loses leg due to boot coming off in an accident

Abrasive evidence on the sole of one boot, but not on the other, confirmed contact with the ground
A motorcyclist came off his machine during a race, and lost his boot. After passing across grass, through a hedge, and sliding along the track he eventually came to rest having suffered serious avulsion injuries to one foot. We were asked to investigate the reasons for the boot coming off, and had the boot not come off would the injury have been prevented.

The boots were examined for method of construction and possible defect, but found to comply with the standard designs. Surpirisngly, it was discovered that the motorcycle club rules do not require any particular standard of boot to be worn.
Examination of the boot that came off revealed dirt and grass caught in the seams and stitching, thus indicating the method of removal of the boot and therefore eliminating the possibility of an ill-fitting boot. Next, examination of the sole of both boots for comparison revealed abrasive marks on the boot that remained, thus indicating the response of the rider to place his feet on the ground and slide along on his back to prevent tumbling. This then proved contact of the feet with the ground and the conclusion that had the boot not come off the injury would not have been sustained.
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