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"An expert is someone knowing more and more about less and less, eventually knowing everything about nothing" (attributed to Sir Bernard Spilsbury).

At Forensic Engineering Solutions we hope to know enough, but not to know so much as to know too little.
We can provide information and advices in the follwing areas:
 Ballistics  Forensic Engineering
 Biomechanics  Industrial Accidents
 Careless Driving  Minimum Impact Accidents
 Construction Defects  Mobile Phone Interrogation
 Crime Scene Investigation  Plumbing or Heating - Defective Installations
 Crime Scene Illustration  Product Liability
 Dangerous Driving Causing Death  Road Traffic Accidents
 Employer's Liability  Scientific Evidence Scrutiny
 Eyewitness Evaluation and Scrutiny  Slips Trips Falls
 Firearms  Speeding
 Forensic Anthropology  Video Interrogation
 Forensic Computing  Whiplash
An investigaton can consider a small component, or an entire machine or system.

It is often a cliche that no job is too big or too small, but at Forensic Engineering Solutions that is a literal reality. We have examined components as small as a single washer on a car wheel assembly, and as large as quarry plant - even entire buildings. Whatever the problem, whatever the dimension, it can be conquered.

To enhance our field services, we have recently taken delivery of a specifically built mobile office and conference vehicle. This vehicle provides conference seating for up to six persons, and is equipped with full media and computer interface. In addition, there is scanning and printing facilities, with internet and e-mail access.
  Dangerous Driving
An investigation by Forensic Engineering Solutions will carefully examine the facts and the integrity of the prosection case, and will empower you to conduct...
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  Fire Investigations
Fires can have many origins, some are accidental, some are negligent, and some are deliberate. The fire investigator may be asked many questions, including determining the seat of the fire...
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