Public Lynching

This man was a client, but what the press never reports is the actions of the other driver in pulling out in front of an oncoming car that was clearly in view, despite the speed.

Just because someone is exceeding the speed limit does not give others the right to simply pull out.

Eamon Lynch jailed for killing Donegal teenager
A drunk driver with 483 convictions killed a teenager while racing at speeds of up to 100mph, a court hears.

Fall in Road Service Safety

Unfortunate situation where, on a night out, a hired coach stopped on top of the railway culvert on a motorway to allow some passengers off to be sick and urinate. Our client, unknowingly stepped onto the top of the culvert and walked a little for privacy. There was no pedestrian edge protection and she fell, approximately 21′ onto the railway tracks below. Fortunately no train was coming along. Our inspection was limited in that we had no access to the railway line or the motorway. The inspection was conducted from a nearby road bridge, using a long lens on the camera. The height of the fall was calculated using the lorry with red container, which is a known height and from there were able to scale measurements. We argued that the main culpable party was the Roads Service, who were then joined to the action and the matter finally settled in the client’s favour.

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Layers of Confusion

Spot the odd one out? When an expert recognizes that two paint samples have different layering sequences, but then still expresses the opinion that there is “scientific support” for the unknown sample coming from the same source as the control sample, then we have to stoop to very basic levels to show him the error of his ways…

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